Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Country Road

Very far from the city lived a farmer and his wife. There was a narrow dirt road in front of their house.

On the road, there was a big hole filled with water. The hole was very deep. Drivers on the road didn't know just how deep. When they drove into the hole, they could not drive out.

One day, a man in a new car was driving down the road. He noticed the hole with the water, but he didn't think it was very deep. He drove into the hole, and his car became stuck.

The man saw the farmer on his tractor, working in the field. He waved to the farmer. The farmer drove over to the man in the new car.

The farmer asked if there was problem. And the man said that his car was stuck in the hole and asked for some help. But the farmer said he was very busy.

The man said that he would pay him if he would so the farmer helped the man after agreeing on a price. The farmer towed the car out of the hole with his tractor. Then the man paid him the money.

The man looked at the farmer and said, "I guess you are rich. You must tow cars out of this hole day and night."
"Actually, no," said the farmer.
"Why not?" asked the man.
"The hole is very deep, and a lot of people get stuck and ask for help. But I don't make money day and night. I don't pull cars out at night. At night, I'm busy filling the hole with water," answered the farmer.

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