Saturday, December 20, 2008

He ran away

My student came an hour earlier and told me to help do his homework. I wondered how could this naughty boy who doesn't pay attention when I teach could come early and ask me help him do his homework? It was a big surprised for me to hear that so I told him to sit down and taught him in the office. After a few minutes, I saw a guy entered in the room. He was very serious watching us. I greeted him and said he's my student's dad. When we were done with the homework, he told me that his son ran away from him because he hit his brother. muhahaha....

He's telling him if he could just go home for a while and just come back after eating the delicious food that he bought. I know that would just be a trick so that he would go home. But whatever his father said, he didn't want to go home. He said he would study. hehehe... When his father left, I talked to him so he went home. He came back after 30 minutes. I asked him if he ate delicious food, he said there was no delicious food. His father just talked to him and when his father left he hit his brother again. Oh, boy!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Authenticated Diploma

Some foreigners came here to Korea to teach English. Some of them were caught because their diplomas are not real. They were shown in the news a few months ago so the government is very strict with regards to the diploma. He announced to School and Academies to authenticate the foreign diplomas. Because of that, we went to the lawyer last Friday to have my diploma authenticated. We were supposed to pay almost $50 but because we already translated it to Korean, so we only paid $12.5. I can't believe that translating a diploma costs $37. That's too much, right? Anyway, the boss is in charge of the fee so there's nothing to worry about. It took us less than 30 minutes but it would take longer if we didn't translate the diploma into Korean.

It's right to be strict but I'm wondering if all foreigners who are teaching here have graduated in college. Hmmmm.... And Koreans who are teaching in Academies are not College graduate. Paging Mr. President.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I need more patience!

I have a student who always says that the textbook that we use is easy. Everytime we meet, he always says "Teacher, this topic is very easy" but when we start our lesson, he couldn't say anything in class. He only knows a single word that he even couldn't make a short sentence. When he knows something, he's very noisy and proud of himself but when he doesn't know anything, he's not interested in our lesson anymore. He always compare himself to another student. He thinks studying is like a competition in class. He always wants to be the first to answer but trying to avoid something when he doesn't know anything. When his classmate made a mistake, he always says "you are wrong!" In fact, that student is much better than him. I sometimes feel irritate in class because of his behavior but I have to treat him well coz I know he needs more attention.

Ahhhhh... I need more patience everytime I enter in that class!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Who's not busy?

My co-worker who has been working for almost two months told my boss that she wanted to quit her job. See? I told you, there are no workers that can stay long at work? I know they have good reasons to leave but they have to stay at least three or six months before they quit. Oh gosh! I'm tired of working with new co-workers. Actually, my job is getting harder since my co-workers started to change. When I first came to work, my only job is to teach but now I have to give homework, give exams, worksheets and final test. Just imagine copying 8 pages of worksheets for almost two hundred students. I also have to check each page every meeting. I also give words test everyday and check again after my class. How about the homework that I check everyday? And the most terrible thing is checking the final test with more than 100 items in almost 200 students. yaiikksss! Tell me, who's not busy? Who doesn't work hard? hew!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

North Pole Facts

The North Pole is the noethernmost point on earth. It is extremely cold, with temperatures below freezing (32 degree Fahrenheit or 0 degree Celcius Centigrade) for most of the year. But surprisingly, it doesn't snow much there. Mostly, the snow on the ground is blown around by the strong winds, which makes it look as if snow is falling. From the middle of March to almost the end of September, the sun can be seen in the sky for twenty-four hours of the day. For this reason, the area around the North Pole is sometimes called the "Land of the Midnight Sun".

Source: Mastery Reading 1

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Boy who cried wolf

The Boy who cried wolf

There was once a boy who was looking after his flock of sheep near a village. He thought it would be fun to play a trick on the villagers by pretending that a wolf was attacking the sheep.
"Wolf! Wolf!" he cried. When the people heard this, they came running to save his flock of sheep. When they got there, the boy shepherd laughedat them for believing him. He did this several times. Each time the people came they found out it was just a joke. There was no wolf. One day, however, a wolf did come. The boy cried "Wolf! Wolf!" as loudly as he could. The people thought he was just playing another joke so they did not come. The wolf killed all the sheep one at a time.

The moral of this story is "don't cry wolf!" (Don't tell lies becaue people will end up not believing what you say)

Source: Star Reading 3

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dine out after the party

We had a Halloween Party. Children were wearing costumes and some teachers did the face painting while me and other co-workers were inside wearing scary costumes to frighten the students. Some students cried, some had fun and others couldn't get in the dark.

We were very tired. We don't like having class but we prefer to teach rather than having some festival. But after the celebration, we went out to have dinner. My boss had an appointment so he couldn't join us but he left his credit card and told us to eat anything we want. My co-workers said, it's better to eat without my boss because they felt comfortable. I also like it because we can go home after dinner and we didn't have to drink alcohol or beer which always make us to stay longer in the restaurant.

We were tired but felt good after having a wonderful dinner. We had Vietnam Food.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Counting Rings of a Tree

Counting Rings of a Tree

If you walk through the woods, you may see trees that have been cut down. If you look at the stump of these trees, you will see many rings. They start out very small in the center of the tree and grow larger and larger as they get to the outer edge of the tree. You should count the rings. Each year a tree grows a new ring. So, if the tree has twenty rings, it is twenty years old. Next time you see the stump of a tree that has just been cut down, try to tell how old the tree was.

Source: Star reading 3

Friday, October 17, 2008

Facts about snails

Snails are very unique animals. Did you know that snails can hide in their shells? Snails also eat with their foot. On the bottom of one foot is a mouth with little teeth. As it glides over leaves and grass, the snail chews on them and eats them. Snails also have a homing instict, just like pigeons. Even when they're far from home, they can always find their way back. How do they do it? It's hard to say.

Source: Star Reading 3

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Teaching Strategy part II

Here's the continuation of my teaching strategy part 1

16. Prepare your lesson in advance, always. Just in case that you still have time, you can preview the next lesson.
17. Make your lesson plan. Students are not interested if they see that you are not prepared.
18. Don't go out during the class. Once the class was interrrupted, it's hard to get back student's interest.
19. Don't let the students go out like going to the bathroom or drink water. Once you allowed one, everyone wants to go out, too. In this case, students will go to the bathroom before the class starts or at the end of the class because they know that they are not allowed to go out once you started the lesson.
20. Be fair! No favoritism! It's hard to do this but you should.
21. When students asked you to buy something for them, don't buy or else you will be broke. They will always ask you to buy something for them. Just imagine how many students you have. hehe..
22. Make some flashcards if possible.
23. Make rules and let them follow your rules.
24. Make sure to check their assigment every meeting and let them know their mistakes.
25. Always give homework.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My student wants to commit suicide

How would you react when you heard from your student's mom that her 4th grade daughter sometimes tells her that she wanted to commit suicide? My student's mom came in the office to pay for her daughter's monthly fee. My student's mom and her adviser were very serious talking at the counselling room. After their conversation and after the parent left, the director asked what they talked about. We were surprised when we heard that our student was thinking of committing suicide. I was shocked! How could a beautiful and smart 4th grade student thinks of committing suicide? I even always sees her smiling in the class and she deals well with her classmates. I dunno what supposed to be the problem is and her mom doesn't know the reason, either.

I need to pay more attention with this student. I have to save her but I don't know how. If I could just live with her and be always beside her. I'm always worried of her. I want to hug her whenever I see her to show that there's someone who loves her except from her family and friends.

I hope and pray that she will be fine and never think of that scary and stupid thing again.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

How to train a goldfish

How do you know when goldfish are hungry? Once a man trained his goldfish to tell him when it was hugnry. He began by not feeding it for several days. Then he tied food to one of a rope and a bell to the other end. He dropped the food into the water. When the fish nibbled on the food, the bell outside the bowl rang loudly. He did this for several days. Then the string without food was put in the bowl. The fish bit at the end of the string just like it did with the food. When the bell rang, the man knew the fish was hungry and threw food into the bowl. After several days the fish learned to ring the bell whenever it was hungry.

Source: Star Reading 3

Friday, October 10, 2008

What would you do if your student always swears in the class?

How can you deal with the student who always swears in the class? I couldn't stand him today. Everytime I enter the class, he always says something bad against his classmates. He teased, hit and swore the students who didn't do anything except studied. He's not a kid to act like that, so I told him to stay in the class and I talked to him. I asked if he knew what he did was wrong. He agreed and I asked him again what he should do next time. He said, he always acts like that in the class when he studies with his homeroom teacher. So I asked if he could change for the better. He said he doesn't know. So I said I don't know, either so I brought him in the office to let the director talk to him but he wasn't in. I called his homeroom teacher instead and told her what that student did. Here's what his homeroom teacher said--

"Did you do that to your teacher? It's okay in my class but not to teacher --- . You can do that 4 times a week but behave for one day, okay? Behave when you study with teacher --, okay?" and the student went home.

I was shocked to hear that. Is that right? I got angry not because I want this student to behave well in my class. I talked to him because I want to change his bad attitude not only during my class. Because of those words, the teacher isn't helping the student a lot. The student will think that it was okay to do that again and again in front of others except in front of me, don't you think so? And do you think he would really behave well in front me next time? This student will think it's okay with his homeroom teacher how come that he couldn't do it to me? My goodness!

I told my co-worker about that. I said, that's for the sake of the students and not for me. Students always hear bad words from him so they will also act like him. I told her to tell the director about that so that he can do something for him. She said she already did but the director didn't do anything.

When my boss came, I told him about the student. He said I should have sent the student to him. I said I did but he wasn't in. I also asked if teacher --- also told something about that. He said, "never". Oh, well!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What's the connection of economy to school?

I saw my boss laminating some "dallant" (points that children collect and use as their money during the dallant day that is usually done during Children's Day and Christmas) when he said that Korea is now facing difficulties on its economy. It's true because the former rate of $1 was less than 1,000 won and now it's 1,328 won. Because i'm not aware of the economic growth and I don't care anything about the government and economy, I suddenly asked him what's the connection of the economy to his school business. He said some parents will not send their children to private institute if the economy is very low. Oh yeah, that makes sense. He has the right to be worried! hehehe...

Saturday, October 4, 2008

My teaching strategies

I don't know to you but these strategies work when I do them to my students.

1. Stop talking (discussing) and look at the noisy student. I assure you, he/she will stop talking and pay attention to you when he/she saw that you're looking at him/her.
2. When the student is playing with something, get the stuff and give it to him/her after the class if he promised that he would never played with that thing again.
3. Walk around the class when you do the listen and repeat part. You don't need to carry or look at your book. You can just look at their book while walking. I always do this thing and most students think that I memorized the book. They don't know that I only look at theirs.
4. Stand behind or beside the student who doesn't pay attention.
5. Look around and make sure that all of them are in the same page. The page of your topic for that day.
6. After the exam, let the students who make a mistake write the words at home 5 times. Give it as their homework and make sure to check it the next time you meet them. Do this when they had a words' test. Students who don't like writing always study before the come because they don't want to make mistakes and write several times.
7. I sometimes tell the noisiest students to go out but instead of going out, they just pay attention.
8. If you can't handle a very naughty student, tell the student to stay in the room after the class and talk to him/her. He/She might have a problem at home and needs your attention. If he doesn't say about it, just let him/her promise you to pay attention to you next time.
9. In Korea, it's possible to hit the students. Hit them rather than wait for their parents to complain for not teaching their kids well.
10. Give rewards to the students who did very well in the class.
11. Praise them when they did well or better than their former performance.
12. Make friends of them but don't forget that you are a teacher inside the class. They are not your friends when you are teaching the lesson.
13. I usually use visual aids and related games. My students always expect me to prepare games for them so they study hard during the lesson so that we can have spare time to play. They know that they can't play if they are slow in the lesson. So those who love games always lead the students and tell others not to make noise in order to finish the lesson earlier.
14. There are times that students are not in the mood for studying. Know the environment and change the lesson if it doesn't interest them.
15. Don't forget to break the ice to help everyone feel comfortable and be part of the discussion.

<--to be continued here-->

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Amazing Animals

Most sharks in the ocean can't stop moving; if they do, they can't breathe. Sharks grow new teeth every eight days. Some sharks can have as many as 30,000 teeth in their lifetime!

Egyptian Plovers can live in mouths of crocodiles! They clean the crocodiles' teeth. Crocodiles never eat this bird!

Giraffes live on the plains. They are very tall, and so they can reach high into trees to eat the leaves. Male giraffes can clean their own ears with their 21-inch (53-cm) tongues!

Camels live in the desert. They can go without food or water for a lont time. They can live off the fat in their humps. Camels can't sweat, so they don't lose water from their bodies.

Kangaroos live on the plains. THey have strong legs and can jump as high as 9 feet (2.7 m). Kangaroos can run 40 miles (64 km) an hour, but they can't walk backwards! They can go without water for a long time. Female kangaroos keep their babies in their pouches.

Octopuses like the warm parts of the ocean. Some octopuses can squeeze fish with their long tentacles, and some of them kill with a poison bite. Octopuses can change colors any time they want, and they can squirt black ink when they want to hide from an enemy.

Source: Backpack Book 3

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Teaching English in Korea

If you are not a native speaker (from the U.S., the UK, Canada, Australia, etc..) then it's illegal for you to teach English in Korea. Some Filipinos who got married to Korean are teaching English illegally unless they would get their Korean citizenship. If you were caught teaching English illegally, the fine is $3,000 (according to my friend) and they would send you back home but if your husband is Korean then you are excuse with the second rule. Some directors are kind enough to hide you if they know that the immigration officers are coming like what my boss did when I worked illegally. I was heading for work when he called me and told me to go back home and come back the next day because the people from the immigration were there. That happened twice that's why I changed my citizenship after staying here for two years so that I can work freely.

Teaching English in Korea is very tough specially when you can't speak any Korean. There are many rude and naughty students so you have to carry your "patience" everyday when you enter the class. You need to deal well with your co-workers so that they can help you with it. Or you can just say to the homeroom teacher and they will manage it for you. They just talk to the students and call their parents if they continue to make trouble in your class and students are afraid of that.

Teaching Koreans is also fun if you know how to handle the students. Some kids are loving, sweet and thoughtful. Anyway, each student is different. Some can't be disciplined without holding a stick and some don't want to be hit and they are getting more rude if you hit them. Others just need your attention so they make noise.

I've been teaching here for seven years and i'm not saying that i'm expert enough but I can say that I already learned a lot and willing to learn more. Everyday is a challenge for me when I enter the classroom. I don't know what kind of day I should have but fortunately I always have a good day with my students. I don't only work for the money but also I work because I enjoy my job.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Snakes Flying Lesson

One day Snake is talking to two birds.
"I live in the desert on the hot ground. I can't fly," says Snake.
"Everybody knows snakes can't fly," say the birds.
"I want to fly like you! Help me!" says Snake.
"We can try," say the birds.

"Hold on tight, friend. Don't open your mouth or you'll fall!" say the birds.
The birds carry Snake high in the air.
The air is cool. The sun shines through the white clouds.
Flying is wonderful! thinks Snake.

"Well, well. A silly snake who thinks it can fly!" says Eagle. "Are those feathers down there on your tail? Can you fly without that stick in your mouth?"
Snakes gets very angry. He opens his mouth to bite Eagle.
He falls through the air to the ground. He lands on a cactus. Ouch!

"Now I know snakes can't fly. I'll stay on the ground from now on!" says snakes.

Source: Backpack 3 Book

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tired of working with new co-workers

I've just mentioned here that we had a new teacher. She had a week training and attended a seminar but when she had a demonstration, the boss didn't like her. She was rejected by the boss and hired another teacher. I was just surprised when we had a meeting and saw a new face in the office. I wondered if she was the teacher that my co-worker trained so I asked her, she said it was another one. My boss hired another teacher instead because this new teacher has a 3 years experienced and seems better than the other one. Well, I think so but I still feel sorry for the other one who didn't get the job.

My new co-worker is good and she knows how to handle the students. Because she had years experience, she's also better at teaching kids. I like her but I miss my former co-worker who I had a good relationship with. We keep in touch and wanted to meet me soon. She called me on her last day because I couldn't dine out with her. We went to my in law's house so I'm gonna meet her soon. Students and my boss also like her because she's pretty. She's also kind to the students.

Oh well, I'm tired of working with new co-workers. I can't count how many teachers I have worked with. I'm the oldest ("senior" i'm not referring to age here) employee there. I also sometimes think of quitting my job but my boss told me just last week again that I have to work with him forever. Ngeeeekkk!~

Friday, September 12, 2008

My new co-worker

I've just mentioned that my boss was hiring a new worker and there were two applicants but he only chose one. My boss already chose among the two and he sent her in a seminar last Tuesday. But applicants kept coming so my boss tried the new applicant. They had both demonstration for a day and my boss thought that this new applicant is better than the one who he sent to the seminar so he chose her and asked the other one to go home. I just feel sorry for her because she spent days for training and attended a seminar but after that she would just go home because my boss didn't like her. That's a pity but I understand my boss because this newly hired teacher has many years experience in teaching so she's good.

She also lives near my apartment so we take the same bus. We already talked a lot of things when we were on the bus. Hmmm...she seems so nice!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My boss was hiring a teacher

There were many applicants last week because my boss was hiring a new teacher. Last Monday, I saw two new teachers in the office. My boss told my my co-worker to train them although they have years experience in teaching. Yesterday, teachers attended a seminar including the new ones and my boss told us that he would hire only one teacher so one of them will fall. Before I left for home yesterday, I heard that my boss hired the younger one. I already expected that. In our profession, younger and prettier have more opportunities to be hired than the older or uglier one. Not only because my boss like young and pretty ladies but because students have more interest in learning if their teachers are pretty and young. Of course we also have two not too old hajuma (old woman) but they are good at teaching kids and i'm sure my boss doesn't want to hire older than them.

Ooppsss... nobody knows in my class that I'm married although I wear my wedding ring. But I wear two rings. Our engagement ring and wedding ring. I wear them both so my students are confuse. When they asked me about that I just tell them it's a secret. They even don't know my real age. When I asked them how old do I look, most of them answered 24-27. Oh well, it's better not to say my age. I just smiled at them and didn't say anything and I said it's time to start our lesson. Some said i'm bad, others said they hate me when I try to make an excuse whenever they asked me those two questions. Oh well, hehehe...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Goose that laid the Golden Egg

Once there was a man and woman who were fortunate enough to own a goose that laid a golden egg. Every day the goose laid one golden egg. Before long, the man and woman began to grow rich. One day the man said to his wife, "We are not getting rich fast enough. That goose must be made of gold inside. If we kill it, we can get all the gold at once. We would get rich and never have to work again." Well, they killed the goose and cut it open. When they looked inside, it was not made of gold like they thought. The inside of the goose was just like every other goose.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oh, goodness!

My student gave this to me during our class. For me, she's the prettiest student in my class. She's thin, tall and dresses well. She always looks good in her clothes. Her dream is to become an actress which is just perfect for her because she's not only pretty but can also sing and dance well. When we have a party at work we always asked her to dance with some of her friends. She looks prettier when she dances and my co-worker likes her for her son.

Now a days, I always see her bringing nail polish and she sometimes shows me her nails with manicure. She's just in the 5th grade and she already acts like a lady. I have long nails and she usually tells me to cut them but now look at her, she always have manicure and I think someday she will have longer nails than mine.

Anyway, I saw this nail polish again on her desk just next to her book and she gave it to me during our class. I thought she was just kidding but she said it's really for me. How sweet! I refused at first but then she showed me her bag and I saw three more nail polish in it. Oh, goodness!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Words to study everyday!

Before we dismiss the class there are words that we give for the students to study. Some have 10, others 15 and 20 words to learn depends on the level of the students. Before they go out, we have to ask them one by one at the front door. Students who don't know the words can't go home. The students have to go the last line.

I have this first grade student who couldn't memorize the words so I let him go to the back of the line. While he was going to the back, I saw him cried but trying to hold his tears. When he his turn came, his face and eyes were red so I asked him what seems to be the problem was. He said he could't memorize the words and afraid that he couldn't go home. He was the last student in the line so I told him to study next time so that he can go home early and won't let him go to the back. When I told him that I would let him go home today without memorizing the words but promised to study the words because I won't let him go next time if he doesn't know anything. That's our deal and i'm wondering what will happen next week.

He's so cute and funny. hehehehe...

Nobody likes the directors idea that we have to ask the students one by one and not letting them go without knowing at least 5 words. I know that it is good but it's too tiring for us. Everyone complains about that because we are doing that during our 10 minutes break. My boss left early today and while we were in the office, we talked about this matter and decided to tell about it to the director on Monday. Goodluck to all of us! hehehe..

Friday, August 22, 2008

She's waving at me

As I entered at the entrance of the door, I saw someone in the office waving at me. I couldn't see her well because it's a little bit far so while I was walking near to her, I was surprised to see my former co-worker. She quit the job because she lives very far from work and she got lots of stress because of her students including my boss according to her. On her last day at work, I had dinner with her and now I was happy to see her again. No, she's not gonna work with us again. She came to the office to get the document that she needs in applying for a new job.

She brought some donuts and coffee for us. Eventhough I came late, she said she left something for me. She knows the flavor that I like because there's a donut shop across from the office and we usually go there to buy some.

I wish that she could find a better job. A job that is much better from the one that she had with us. Goodluck friend!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Monday everyone!

I couldn't sleep since last night because of the strong wind. We are living on the highest floor of the building so i'm scared of this strong wind. I can't even open the window because i'm afraid that the wind will blow everything inside my apartment. It seems like there's a storm coming but it's not raining. Only this strong wind bothers me. Does it mean that fall is just around the corner? But it's still hot. Oh well, I wish there will be no class today but i know i'm just dreaming because it's impossible to suspend the class just because of the wind. hehehehe...

Well, it's Monday again! You know, i hate Mondays because it means I have to work for the whole week again. It's also very tough on Monday because there are lots of things to do at work. Hmmmm...anyway, although it's a tough day, i still want to greet you a Happy Monday!

Happy Monday everyone!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

I had so much fun!

I had so much fun with my second grade students. Our lesson was about family. When I showed them the picture in the book and asked who the members of the family are pointing with the pictures, they all got mistake when I showed the tall guy who has curly hair. Most of them answered that he is mother, some says grandmother and others aunt. They couldn't believe me when I said that he was father. Everyone thought that he is a woman. They all laughed when I said it was father because he has curly hair. Everyone was touching their stomachs because they laughed so hard that we couldn't concentrate on our lessons.

I have another student who is like a comedian because he always makes us laugh. I like that class because I always have fun with them. When I enter that class, I always remember what my hubby says when I leave home. He always tells me to have fun while working.

I sometimes have a bad time at work but most of the time, I'm having a great time with my students.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I have this student who always hugs me everytime we meet. She's fat and cute. She sings and dances well. Yesterday, we met in the bathroom. She was holding a sunglasses and told me to try it on. I thought she was just making fun of me when she said that the sunglasses look good on me. When i took it of and tried to give it to her. She said that's for me. I didn't want to accept them but she insisted. I couldn't do anything but to receive them when she said she bought them for me. Waaaahhh...she's so sweet! But I feel so sorry for her because she use her allowance to buy those sunglasses. Instead of buying an ice cream, she bought the sunglasses for me. waaaaahhhh...

I asked my co-workers if they already saw big bang's girlfriend. Nobody knows who the big bang's group girlfriend is so I wore the sunglasses in front of them. Everyone laughed including my boss. I just imagine big bang's sunglasses with those sunglasses from my student. Before I dismiss the class, I also did the same thing to the students and they said, they're not big bang's sunglasses but mc mong's. hahahaha....

See what mc mong's sunglasses here and listen to one of the most famous songs in Korea.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Let's spice things up!

Oh yes, I got a new blog. Let's spice things up! I like the title. It sounds spicy like kimchi. hehehe... What am i suppose to blog about here? My love story? My teaching? My dream? My pet? Shopping? Hang outs? My neighbors? Hmmm.... I don't want to share some gossips. I don't want to be in trouble. hehehe...

I have nothing to say anymore but i'm gonna leave you this lesson which is about the Value of a Woman. Here it goes:

"Be very careful if you make a woman cry, because God counts her tears. The woman came out of a man's rib. Not from his feet to be walked on. Not from his head to be superior, but from the side to be equal. Under the arm to be protected, and next to the heart to be loved."