Monday, January 19, 2009

A letter for my student

I have a student who always think he's the boss in class. Students are afraid of him and he's always not in the mood when he comes in the class specially when he's late. As soon as he comes he shut all his things on the desk even when we already started the class. When his pencil fell down I always hear some bad words from his mouth that always caught other's attention. One of my students in that class even quit because of him. When we play games in the class, he says his classmates are not good that's why they lost. But if he lost, he argued and try to attack his classmates. When I say, don't do this and that, he replied yes and keep silent for a while but after a few minutes, he goes back to his normal attitude. When I correct his mistakes specially his pronunciation, he always tells why does he always need to do everything the way I want or if he doesn't react then you'll just see him murmuring. When I give them a test and correct their mistakes, he says why does his answer wrong. He always says that he wrote like "this" (the right answer) and get angry when I show his answer on his test paper which is really wrong. When he raises his hands he always want to be called first. If you chose others then he would get angry and would never participate again. He complains and gets angry everyday about everything which I always tell my boss. My boss sometimes knocked on the door when he hears his loud voice complaining or arguing with the students. My boss also talked to him and promised not to do that again. But same things happened everyday. Students quit because of him so my boss doesn't have any choice but to kick him out. I feel so sorry and sad for that but If we want the rest of the students to stay with us and want more students to come, then we have to do that thing.

I'm so sorry to you my dear student. I didn't mean to hurt you and your mom's feeling. I'm not the right teacher for you and I'm sure you'll find a teacher who is much better than me.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Lion and the Rabbit

King Lion catches Rabbit for his dinner. Rabbit tells him, "The other lion wants me, too."

"Other lion?" roars King Lion. "In my forest? Let me see this other lion."

Rabbit takes King Lion to a deep well.

"Look! Can you see him?"

King Lion looks into the well. "Yes, I can." (He doesn't know it's his reflection.)

King Lion roars, "I am king of this forest."

The reflection roars back, "I am king of this forest."

The Lion is so angry he jumps into the deep well.

He doesn't come back.

Rabbit is very happy and goes home to rest.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


David and Rose were watching snowflakes fall from the sky. They looked soft and pretty as they floated down.

"I wonder if they are all the same shape," said Rose.
"Let's get some and find out," replied David.

David and Rose went out to catch snowflakes. But when they tried to look at the form, the snow melted away before they had the chance to see. Their mother gave them a piece of black cloth. Their mother also gave them a piece of glass to use as magnifying glass. Looking through the magnifying glass made the flakes look larger so they could see that most of them had six arms or points. "They're all different," said David, "and they look like stars!" They drew pictures of the flakes to show their teacher the next day.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

My favorite student

My student came in school with her younger brother. Her brother's English is much better than her specially his pronunciation. He also knows much vocabulary than his sister. Sometimes his sister asked him what's that called in English. I know that this student of mine is not good but she always tries to do her best in class. She's a new student and I can say that her English got much better than before. After the class, her mom came and she said she felt sorry because my student came with her brother. I said that was okay. I even had a good time with her son.

My student's mom said that her daughter's English is getting better and she's always excited when she goes to Institute. She also likes doing homework. She said she never saw her daughter doing like that before because she used to hate English. I was so happy when I heard that compliment. Actually, I also like her daughter. She's my favorite in class. She's always willing to learn. She's always interested in learning English and never complained when I give homework. I hope there are more students like her.