Saturday, November 29, 2008

Who's not busy?

My co-worker who has been working for almost two months told my boss that she wanted to quit her job. See? I told you, there are no workers that can stay long at work? I know they have good reasons to leave but they have to stay at least three or six months before they quit. Oh gosh! I'm tired of working with new co-workers. Actually, my job is getting harder since my co-workers started to change. When I first came to work, my only job is to teach but now I have to give homework, give exams, worksheets and final test. Just imagine copying 8 pages of worksheets for almost two hundred students. I also have to check each page every meeting. I also give words test everyday and check again after my class. How about the homework that I check everyday? And the most terrible thing is checking the final test with more than 100 items in almost 200 students. yaiikksss! Tell me, who's not busy? Who doesn't work hard? hew!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

North Pole Facts

The North Pole is the noethernmost point on earth. It is extremely cold, with temperatures below freezing (32 degree Fahrenheit or 0 degree Celcius Centigrade) for most of the year. But surprisingly, it doesn't snow much there. Mostly, the snow on the ground is blown around by the strong winds, which makes it look as if snow is falling. From the middle of March to almost the end of September, the sun can be seen in the sky for twenty-four hours of the day. For this reason, the area around the North Pole is sometimes called the "Land of the Midnight Sun".

Source: Mastery Reading 1

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Boy who cried wolf

The Boy who cried wolf

There was once a boy who was looking after his flock of sheep near a village. He thought it would be fun to play a trick on the villagers by pretending that a wolf was attacking the sheep.
"Wolf! Wolf!" he cried. When the people heard this, they came running to save his flock of sheep. When they got there, the boy shepherd laughedat them for believing him. He did this several times. Each time the people came they found out it was just a joke. There was no wolf. One day, however, a wolf did come. The boy cried "Wolf! Wolf!" as loudly as he could. The people thought he was just playing another joke so they did not come. The wolf killed all the sheep one at a time.

The moral of this story is "don't cry wolf!" (Don't tell lies becaue people will end up not believing what you say)

Source: Star Reading 3

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dine out after the party

We had a Halloween Party. Children were wearing costumes and some teachers did the face painting while me and other co-workers were inside wearing scary costumes to frighten the students. Some students cried, some had fun and others couldn't get in the dark.

We were very tired. We don't like having class but we prefer to teach rather than having some festival. But after the celebration, we went out to have dinner. My boss had an appointment so he couldn't join us but he left his credit card and told us to eat anything we want. My co-workers said, it's better to eat without my boss because they felt comfortable. I also like it because we can go home after dinner and we didn't have to drink alcohol or beer which always make us to stay longer in the restaurant.

We were tired but felt good after having a wonderful dinner. We had Vietnam Food.