Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Rude Student

I've been teaching for more than ten years and this student is the rudest student that I've ever had. He's a third grade student who always distracts the class. He makes noise, disturbs his seatmates that sometimes causes some bruise when he hits someone next to him, doesn't do anything what you tells him to do on the computer and when you asked him to stop on his craziness then he will curse you or other teacher who asks him to do. He always bothers others but doesn't want to be bothered of his craziness.

One day, he was absent and his friend said that she was so happy that "Rudy" (let's just call him Rudy because he is rude) was absent. She said that she felt so relieved and it seems like some thorns pulled out from her heart after saying what she wanted to say without Rudy. She said she's suffocating when Rudy is around. I felt the stress that this student feels about him. Just the way that I felt when I didn't know him well but I realized that Rudy is completely special child. I don't mean he's retarded or disabled, what I mean is, he has phychological problem that he makes everyone so stressful.

When I gave them homework that I told them to write a situation when their teachers got angry with them, he said that his teacher was so angry in class when he cursed her. I found out that he says bad words to everyone even to his school teacher.

I heard that he has younger sister and his family's attention is with her sister. Since then, I realized that he needs special attention that's why he bothers everyone in class because he needs attention. When I lose patience to him, I sometimes think that his family ignores him because of his bad attitude. But deep inside, I take pity on him because of his attitude and I'm still thinking on what to do to stop his craziness.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

My Sleepyhead Student

It always irritates me when I teach the class with my sleepy head student. He always feels sleepy during the class. No matter how many times I wake him up and hit him, he doesn't do anything. His sleeping time in my class is more than the time that he studies. I don't know what this guy is doing in my class. He's just wasting some money to pay for private institutes. He can just stay home and sleep. Why does he have to pay and sleep?

Whenever I hit him, he wakes up and write some words. Then he's asleep again when I'm not beside him. I understand that he's tired but it doesn't mean that I can allow him to sleep. He just changes the mood of the class. What I mean is, he doesn't have to pay if he's not interested in studying. I don't know why their parents have to send their children in private institutes when their children are not interested in studying?

Parents think that their children study hard. Some of them even think that because their children have been studying for many years, they think they are better than others who study less time than their kids. But they don't know that their kids don't really focus in class. Going to institutes just became their habits.