Friday, February 20, 2009

A Rainy Day Project

A Rainy Day Project

What can you do on a rainy day? Why not make something to brighten up your room? One fun project is a collage. To make a collage, you first need to get a small piece of cardboard. Choose one of your favorite stars or anything else you like. Then cut out pictures of them from magazines. An old calendar is also a great material to use. Arrange and paste the pictures to cover the whole cardboard. You can also use egg shells to make designs. First, dry the egg shell and then crush them. Color each piece with felt markers or food color if you have some. Get a small piece of cardboard. Arrange the colored egg shells in a design you like and paste them to the cardboard. Make sure you cover the whole cardboard. Or draw your own design like animals, clothes, bags, etc then cover it with the colored egg shells.

Have fun!

Points (dallant)

I usually give points (dallant) to students when they study hard. I have a student who receives points almost everyday. Today, he told me that I didn't give him point last week. Oooppsss...! He was asking for points because he said I didn't give him last week. I said, I don't give points everyday. Because I always give him points, he thinks everytime he's present in the class, he can receive point. Of course not! I told him because he studied hard that's why I gave him points. He didn't wanna leave today. He said he would only leave If I would give him points for last week. What?! I said, "Don't leave and live here." His eyes were red and he almost cried when I left him in the classroom. I said, I would call my boss so that he could call his mom and pick him up then he suddenly stood up.

Before he left, I talked to him. I helped him put his coat and he looked happy when he left although I didn't give him points. I realized that giving points everyday is not good.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Cheer up!

My high school student came 2 hours earlier than her class time. I was having a class when she came and my boss asked her if she could wait for me. She's my special student. She pays higher than the other students because she's the only student in that class. I always have an hour break time before I enter to her class but she asked me if she could study earlier. I said it was fine so we started earlier but her parents called her during our class. I never let my students use cellphone in the class but I allowed her today because she said she had a trouble with her mom. I could hear their conversation and I heard how angry her mom and dad were which made her cry in front of me. She also took off the battery of her cellphone.

A few minutes before our class ends, she asked me what time do we usually go home so she asked a favor if she could stay there until that time. I said yes, so I stayed with her and we had class until everyone had to go home. I feel so sorry and worried about her. I know how she felt at that time. If I could just stay with her for a long time. But I think she also need to go home and have a talk with her parents. I hope everything will go well to her.

Cheer up my dear student and friend! And thanks for trusting me to tell everything about how you feel. In case that you need me again, I'm always here for you to listen and willing to help you if I could.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

They are sick but they go to school

What do you think of going to school when you are sick? What would you do if your student is sick but told you that the parent told him/her to attend the class? Today, my student was very sick when he came in class. I saw his red face and eyes as soon as he entered the classroom so I asked what seemed to be the problem. He said he was sick. He has a cold and fever. I thought he cried because of his red eyes. It's not the first time that I saw a very sick student who attended my class. I don't know why parents let their children to go to school even when they are sick and why do students attend the class when they don't feel well.

Last month, one of my students had an operation and we visited her in the hospital. The next day, I was surprised to see her attending the class. She said she came home from the hospital in the morning so she attended the class in the afternoon. Although, they don't have terrible disease but I think they have to stay home at least a day. I feel so sorry for them so I don't force them to study hard when they are sick. I even think of sending them home and tell them to get enough rest.

I remember when I was a student, if I didn't want to go to school, I just told my mom that I had a headache and she would tell me to take a rest and wouldn't allow me to go to school. It's not right but better than what my students situation. What do you think?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Side Dishes from my student's mom

How would you react when your students' parents give something to you not only some presents but also side dishes? Yes, I usually get some side dishes from my students' mom. Maybe they know that I don't know how to cook or I'm lazy when it comes to cooking. Just last week when I got a box of dried laver and last night, I got 2 types of side dishes. I know they are giving me something or taking care of me because I take care of their children. I treat them well so I guessed it's their way of saying thank you. But I'm also grateful for them for trusting my ability to teach their kids. Although I always try to do my best but I still think of ways on how to give or share knowledge to my students in a very fun and easy way.

Yesterday, one of my students was carrying a shopping bag and handed it to me. He said that's side dishes from his mom. I didn't know how to say thank you because I even couldn't remember what good thing that I did with this student of mine. I just teach them, that's all. This is what I always wonder when I receive something from them. Are they satisfied of my teaching? Or they are asking me to teach their kids better. Well, I think the answer is both.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

My kindergarten niece who wants to get married early

This is a story about my niece who is a kindergarten student. I haven't seen her for a long time and I was surprised to see her look more beautiful with her long hair. I called her "Miss" and asked if she already has a boyfriend. Her mom said, not yet but she likes someone who lives next door. We laughed and teased her but she never cried.

While we were watching tv, she interrupted her mom and asked at what age do ladies usually get married. Instead of her mom, I answered her that she had to graduate to University first before thinking of marriage. We were all surprised when she said that she wants to get married earlier and wants to raise two kids like her mom. I was shocked. My niece is only 5 years old and a kindergarten student but she already thought about her marriage life. I'm wondering if all kids are like her.

I remember my student when she said that she usually goes home around 11p.m. She she's more tired during vacation because she had to attend more institutes. She attends piano lesson, dancing lesson, goes to Math Academy, English Academy, Art class, taekwondo (Korean martial arts), etc... So maybe my niece doesn't want to experience this kind of education so wants to get married earlier.