Saturday, December 20, 2008

He ran away

My student came an hour earlier and told me to help do his homework. I wondered how could this naughty boy who doesn't pay attention when I teach could come early and ask me help him do his homework? It was a big surprised for me to hear that so I told him to sit down and taught him in the office. After a few minutes, I saw a guy entered in the room. He was very serious watching us. I greeted him and said he's my student's dad. When we were done with the homework, he told me that his son ran away from him because he hit his brother. muhahaha....

He's telling him if he could just go home for a while and just come back after eating the delicious food that he bought. I know that would just be a trick so that he would go home. But whatever his father said, he didn't want to go home. He said he would study. hehehe... When his father left, I talked to him so he went home. He came back after 30 minutes. I asked him if he ate delicious food, he said there was no delicious food. His father just talked to him and when his father left he hit his brother again. Oh, boy!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Authenticated Diploma

Some foreigners came here to Korea to teach English. Some of them were caught because their diplomas are not real. They were shown in the news a few months ago so the government is very strict with regards to the diploma. He announced to School and Academies to authenticate the foreign diplomas. Because of that, we went to the lawyer last Friday to have my diploma authenticated. We were supposed to pay almost $50 but because we already translated it to Korean, so we only paid $12.5. I can't believe that translating a diploma costs $37. That's too much, right? Anyway, the boss is in charge of the fee so there's nothing to worry about. It took us less than 30 minutes but it would take longer if we didn't translate the diploma into Korean.

It's right to be strict but I'm wondering if all foreigners who are teaching here have graduated in college. Hmmmm.... And Koreans who are teaching in Academies are not College graduate. Paging Mr. President.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I need more patience!

I have a student who always says that the textbook that we use is easy. Everytime we meet, he always says "Teacher, this topic is very easy" but when we start our lesson, he couldn't say anything in class. He only knows a single word that he even couldn't make a short sentence. When he knows something, he's very noisy and proud of himself but when he doesn't know anything, he's not interested in our lesson anymore. He always compare himself to another student. He thinks studying is like a competition in class. He always wants to be the first to answer but trying to avoid something when he doesn't know anything. When his classmate made a mistake, he always says "you are wrong!" In fact, that student is much better than him. I sometimes feel irritate in class because of his behavior but I have to treat him well coz I know he needs more attention.

Ahhhhh... I need more patience everytime I enter in that class!